A vision of the future

The days when you had to be a bank to help your customers organise and manage their money are no longer. Qovarian puts your business at the centre of the financial relationship to give them more control over their money.

1. Seamless integration

Provide a wide range of financial services under your own brand name

2. Powerful partnerships

Offer third-party products through your own digital channels

3. Flexible commercial models

Deliver products that customers only pay for when they use them

4. Local access, global scale

Eliminate cross-border financial restrictions for customers around the world

5. Dynamic debit cards

Combine convenience with efficiency by adding a wide range of other functions

6. Customer control

Put your customers in control of their money in ways that align perfectly with your brand

Unlock the potential of your business

Use Qovarian’s banking platform to offer your customers even more.

Take control

Our technology makes it easy for you to provide a wide range of financial services.

Power innovation

We understand the importance of being continually innovative, and we’ve designed our platform to adapt to your changing needs and customer trends.

Cut through the complexity

We manage the platform centrally and can manage all transactions and processes in one place, which allows us to provide secure, reliable and efficient banking services on your behalf.

Offer peace of mind

Nothing is more important than the safety and security of your customers’ money, and we offer the reassurance that comes with our cutting-edge architecture.

New opportunities

By embedding financial services into your business, you’ll open up a world of new opportunities beyond your core offering.

Strengthen customer relationships

Create new customer experiences that drive loyalty and repeat purchases, and capture more revenue from the relationship.

Expand your reach

Develop new commercial opportunities at very low marginal cost and expand your customer base into new segments.

Scale your services

Rapidly configure new financial services into your customer relationships, including highly personalised savings, loans and insurance offers from other regulated providers.

Leave the hard work to us

We take care of everything behind the scenes by offering real-time monitoring, effective oversight, regulatory reporting and management from start to finish – leaving you to concentrate on your expanding business.